Each of our boxes are long stall boxes with NO BREASTBAR with an exceptionally accommodating length of 8ft 6 inches so our largest 4 legged customer feels comfortable. We want our client's horses to feel secure without feeling closed in-we never need to herringbone!.

Fitted with temperature control, ceiling fans, and CCTV your horse will not be affected by external temperatures and we can watch your horse along the journey and know that he/she is happy and safe. 

Low angled ramps offer an easy load and unload and full height stallion partitions, one completely enclosed and one with sniffer boards. Quick access grooms door.

Box 1 (blue) has sniffer boards for those travellers who like to have company and then Box 2 (white) is a true stallion box with no sniffer board and each horse will not see the other.

We also use, when preferred,  a 511 Ifor Williams Horse Trailer which takes up to 2 17'2 hh horses. It is also available for Hire at £40 a day.

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