Frequently asked questions

Will my horse be offered Hay and water along the journey and checked?

Yes, all the way through the journey, we can see your horse on the CCTV camera to ensure he/she is ok. We will stop periodically to 'top up' haynets and offer water.

Will my horse's journey be extended due to dropping off other horses first?

No, we use 2 stalled boxes, therefore we can only transport a maximum of 2 horses at any one time. We also carefully plan our routes and travel times to minimize the potential of lengthier journeys.

Our stableyard is small has a narrow access, will this be a problem?

Our horseboxes are 3.5 tonne so not too big and tend to not experience many problems. We can always call you 10/15 minutes prior to arrival and arrange to meet at a wider point or before the access.

Will I be told what time our horse will arrive?

We give an estimated time of arrival (ETA), this may change during the day of transport depending on circumstances out of our control . More often these are due to traffic delays, the driver will contact you when he/she is on a stop to update you. You will also be given a call approximately 10/15 minutes prior to arrival.

Will you bring my horse's belongings too?

We will bring one bin bag size of tack in addition to your horse. Due to being restricted by weights we ask that you contact us by phone:07560469062 or email: to discuss further with us. Additional tack/clothing may carry an additional agreed charge.

My horse has had problems travelling in the past?

You will be sent a form to complete via email or your phone, it is important to mention this at the time and we can discuss and organise a travelling plan with you for your horse. Not all horses cope with travelling even with the great care we take so it is important that we can be prepared in advance and can discuss options together. If you are not aware of any issues ( especially a new horse ) and your horse becomes very stressed during travel we may advise calling a vet to administer sedative or returning back to the collection point. Be reassured that this is a rare occurance.

What if my horse will not load?

It is normal for a horse to be reluctant to load but with patience and encouragement we tend to be successful in loading even difficult horses. Sometimes on a rare occassion, we will ask for a vet to be called to come and sedate so the stress of loading is minimalized. If you know that loading may be an issue, it is important to inform us so we can discuss the best way to approach the loading and to allow extra time. In the very rare occurance we may have to postpone transport to another time without refund or with a partial refund, depending on the circumstances.

Can I travel with my horse as a passenger in the cab?

If you have booked transport to an event and a return home, you will have the option of travelling in the cab with the driver. If we are transporting your horse on a single journey it is less likely to be possible due our varied routes taken throughout one day but you can put a request in at time of booking.

Does my horse need to wear leg and tail protection?

It is generally considered advisable to wear travelling protection although not everyone chooses to, it is your personal choice. If you decide to use travelling protection, we would suggest using correctly fitted leg bandages and a tail guard. We do have tail guards which we are happy for our clients to use on their horse for the journey. Some horses fidget a little initially on their journey so it is important to get a correctly, even fitting protection . When applying leg bandages and if using a tail bandage as oppose to a tailguard, ensure it is not too tight as this can cause problems.

Is my horse insured by Supreme Horse Transport in case of accident or injury?

We have a legal obligation as a professional horse transporter to ensure that we are adequately insured for all potential eventualities. We hold Hire and Reward Insurance, Care, Custody and Control Insurance and Pubic Liability Insurance. These insurances are in place to cover horses that we transport and persons involved in any incident. However, it still remains the owner's responsibility to ensure that they insure their own horse. ( Please read our terms and conditions).