We are a Professional, Licensed, Legal Horse Transporter

To be legally allowed to transport your horse, there are several legalities that we are responsible to have in place and upkeep.

(We cannot stress enough the importance of using a legal horse transporter, not only for your horse's welfare but financially too. If your horse has an accident with an illegal transporter or injures someone else whilst in the care of an illegal transporter, you could be liable to pay £1000's to the individual or possibly more-all legal horse transporters will be happy to show you their paperwork as we have done below.)

1. We are DEFRA authorised as a Type 1 Horse Transporter; This means that we are approved for driving your horse on any single journey for up to 8 hours.

2. The designated driver is Certified at the Level 3 Award in travelling horses by road up to 8 hours. 

3.We hold the Care, Custody and Control insurance.

4. We hold Public Liability Insurance.

5. We hold Hire and Reward Insurance.

6. Full breakdown cover for vehicle and horses.

Please see our legal documents below:








When we give a quote for transport, as other transporters also do, we have to look at the round trip, so the price we give you will depend on how far we come to collect your horses and how far the journey is.

Some routes are notoriously longer than others and delayed due to road congestion and other incidents on the road so we also have to take this into consideration.

However, we will be competitive and when we can, we will offer discounted transport with shared loads etc. If we know you are reasonably flexible on the transport date, we will then aim at working the transport in with another job.

Sometimes we may have to quote for a dedicated journey just for your horse but we will always give a fair price.

We do pride ourselves on the excellent service that we provide to our customers and our 4 legged customers especially!

Licensed Horse Transport
Horse Transport
Licese Horse Transport

Shared Transport

Horse Transport in the UK

We cover the whole of the UK and have weekly, regular runs to the various parts of the UK.


We can therefor offer discounted travel if your journey can be planned with a journey to the same destination or return trip from a destination.

We call this 'Shared Travel' and it allows us to be able to offer the customer a discount.


We can normally find a connecting route within a week so if this is an option for you where you can be flexible on the journey day, you may want us to look at this for you.

Of course, we appreciate that for some client's, this is not an option and we will also aim to be as flexible as possible with days/times of travel. 

Our working day is not restricted, our drivers often drive early morning and late in the day.